EXCLUSIVE: Stream You+Me’s Debut Album ‘rose ave.’

Just last month it was revealed that City And Colour‘s Dallas Green and Alecia Moore, otherwise known as pop star Pink, had formed an acoustic folk duo called You+Me. Their surprise debut album, rose ave. is due out in Australia this Friday, 10th October but until then, the eclectic collection of songs is streaming exclusively in Australia via Music Feeds.

As the folklore goes, the two artists met through Alecia’s husband Carey Hart and instantly felt a need to work together. Pink invited Green to Los Angeles to write a song or two which turned into 8 songs in just one week.

Green recounts to Pink how he headed for California, anticipating a simple jam session. “I thought that I was just gonna come over to your house and we’d play guitar and see if we could do something. But you were like, ‘Oh, I’ve got a studio rented, just in case.’”

Adds Pink, “The first day, we were like, ‘Let’s just go drop off your guitar and you can just see the spot. Just see if we like it, whatever, then we’ll just go drink,’… And that night… we wrote and recorded one and wrote and started another.”

The result is a collection of songs on rose ave. that sounds like a true collaboration, which conquers the natural challenges of finding two cohesive voices. As Green explains, “It doesn’t sound like me featuring or you featuring me, it sounds like us.” It’s You+Me.

Also revealed today is a track-by-track album commentary video, below. Here the duo explain the origin behind each track, even revealing how one of the songs is inspired by Australia’s own Cate Blanchett.

You+Me’s rose ave. is available for pre-order on iTunes now and will be released in Australia on Friday, 10th October. Stream it below.

Listen: You+Me – rose ave.

Watch: You+Me – rose ave. – Track by Track Commentary

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