Exclusive Video Of “Shocking” Falls Festival Stampede

Music Feeds has obtained exclusive footage of a crowd crush which left over 60 people injured and 19 seriously injured at the Victorian leg of Falls Festival in Lorne on Friday night, 30th December.

Video of the incident, which can be viewed below, shows a large crowd of festival-goers attempting to leave a performance by DMA’s, with many people seen collapsed on the ground while others scream out for help. Some can be seen climbing fences, while others call for their mates in the confusion.

Following the incident, a 19-year-old Victorian woman who was injured in the stampede described her experience to Music Feeds, saying, “It looked like a war zone, honestly. There was blood everywhere, the grass was stained with blood.”

The incident was described as “absolutely shocking” by a punter on Facebook who says they were caught up in the rush. “I literally had people yelling and screaming at me for help to be pulled out from underneath the crowd while people at the back were still pushing and just making the situation worse,” they said.

Falls Festival organisers cancelled the night’s entertainment following the crowd crush incident, and established phone lines on site to allow punters to call home. The event resumed as normal yesterday, finishing off its three-day run on New Year’s Eve.

This year’s Falls Festival has also been marred by multiple sexual assaults being reported at the Tasmanian leg of the event.

Falls Festival wraps up its Byron Bay leg on Monday, 2nd January, and its Fremantle event begins later this week.

View exclusive footage of the crowd crush in Lorne, below.

UPDATE: “Devastated” Falls Festival organisers have apologised for the crowd crush incident in Lorne.

Warning: Some Viewers May Find This Footage Distressing

Watch: Exclusive Video Of “Shocking” Falls Festival Stampede

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