Fall Out Boy Record “Eight Or Nine Songs” With Ryan Adams

Talk about an unlikely combination – pop punk heroes Fall Out Boy have recorded “eight or nine songs” over “two marathon nights” with alt country sweetheart Ryan Adams at his recording studio, Pax-Am, with Pete Wentz saying the result is “punk rock”.

The session was set up by mutual friend and collaborator Butch Walker, with Wentz telling Rolling Stone he wanted to work with Adams because he’d listened to his stuff growing up. And what exactly does a Fall Out Boy and Ryan Adams collaboration sound like, I hear you ask? According to Petey boy, “It was punk rock – the stuff that makes you want to kick the shit out of your bedroom at your parents’ house. It’s impossible to deny the spirit of what was happening there.”

The 34-year-old bassist Instagrammed a picture from the studio sessions (below) and said that working with 38-year-old Adams was like “hanging out with your older brother that got you into punk rock. Except he gets all the jokes and he’s not like, ‘Here’s these shitty kids’ or whatever. So that was cool.”

No news yet as to whether the Fall Out Adams material will ever see the light of day. Here at Music Feeds, we’ve got some weird mental images of what the hell a collaborative album from these guys would even look like, let alone sound like, although it’s worth noting that Adamas is married to pop starlet Mandy Moore and the pair often collaborate on music, so the New York, New York singer is no stranger to dabbling outside his genre.

(via Alternative Press)


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