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Fans Call Morrissey A “C*nt” For Not Honouring David Bowie In ‘Grim Reaper’ Speech

Morrissey was called a “c*nt” by some of his fans when performing in Manchester over the weekend, after failing to honour the late David Bowie when listing recently deceased legends before singing All The Best Ones Dies.

As NME reports, the former Smiths frontman performed at Manchester Arena on Saturday, 20th August, and was hit with a couple of bad words after he honoured the likes of Prince and Muhammed Ali, but not Bowie.

Why Morrissey not-so-subtly snubbed Bowie goes all the way back 1995, when the singer was asked to open for the Starman on his The Outside Tour. Morrissey lasted only a few shows before he had to leave the tour citing illness, however the fact that he was up and well and fronting his own headline show a few days later led most to believe the two stars had butted heads backstage.

In 2013, Bowie refused to let Morrissey use a photo of themselves together for cover art, leading to Morrissey to replace him with Rick Astley instead.

In 2014, Morrissey addressed their rivalry, saying: “I know I’ve criticised David in the past, but it’s all been snot-nosed junior high ribbing on my part. I think he knows that.”

Meanwhile, Morrissey is touring Australia this October, and has already written another album — maybe there will be a Bowie diss track on it?

Watch Moz being called a “c*nt” at this recent Manchester show, below.

Watch: Morrissey Called A “C*nt” For Not Mentioning Bowie

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