FBi Celebrates 10th Birthday With ‘FBi Gold Rush’

It takes a seriously rare sort to commemorate their own birthday by providing to others, but then again the cats from FBi are a fairly rare crew. To see in the big double-digits in style, the Sydney-based community radio station will be dishing out truckloads worth of goods to worthy listeners this very Friday, all in exchange for a cheeky gold coin.

The exact moment, to be precise, that FBi will kick off their Gold Rush extravaganza will be 3pm Friday, 12th April, with a bounty of T-shirts, albums, vinyl, books, games and sweet, sweet movies all ready to go.

The hootenanny will go down at the ol’ FBi base camp, where word on the street says (if you’re an FBi supporter) that you will be met at the door with a free drink prior to being showered in spoils, but no sweat, they will be signing up new supports on the day.

Legend has it that this is just the tip of the iceberg for their 10th birthday happenings, so stay tuned for more as-yet-to-be announced good times.

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