Feist And Mastodon 7 Inch Cover Revealed

It is quite possibly one of the most awesome, unexpected and amazing collaborations this year. Soundwave 2012ers, Mastodon, have teamed up with the beautiful songstress Fiest to bring us one of the coolest releases this Record Store Day.

Mastodon’s drummer, Brann Dailor, explained to Swedish rock magazine Metalshrine how the project came about, “We did the BBC television show ‘Later… With Jools Holland’, and right after we got off stage, we went backstage and we were in the hallway with Feist, and she was talking to Brent (Mastodon’s Vocalist). They were involved in a conversation and were just like, ‘Yeah, let’s do that! We should do it for Record Store Day!’ Something out of left field and something we’d like to be involved with more of.”

Dailor continued to tell the magazine, “It’s fun for us. I mean, most times we end up doing covers of bands that are already sort of heavy or that is already in that vein, like the Melvins, Thin Lizzy, Metallica, you know what I mean? What are you gonna do to those songs to make them your own? It’s kinda difficult and especially with stuff like Metallica or the MELVINS where we’re so kinda familiar and in love with the versions that Metallica and the Melvins and Thin Lizzy have created, you wanna make it sound like theirs because that’s what you’re so used to hearing. You don’t really wanna mess with it. With Feist, it’s something that we could really play with and do something different with.”

The release will take form in a split 7 inch single (see above for the cover) and will be released on this year’s Record Store Day, which takes place annually the third Saturday of April (21st April). There will be limited physical copies. However, there will be some for digital release, so get saving for this, amongst many other sensational releases this Record Store Day

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