Festival Fence Jumpers Face Jail As Meredith Upholds ‘No Dickhead’ Policy

Aunty Meredith, matron of Meredith Music Festival and Golden Plains, has released a statement warning punters that they will be prosecuted if they attempt to enter the festivals without a ticket, with 18 people facing court this month charged with trespass.

Aunty took the opportunity to remind punters of their ‘No Dickheads’ policy ahead of this year’s Meredith Music Festival, which takes place between Friday, 13th December and Sunday, 15th December. Meredith has a zero-tolerance policy, stating that fence jumpers overcrowd the festival, risk personal injury, bring a bushfire risk via cigarettes and block access roads with their vehicles.

“A few years ago, we started a ‘Zero Tolerance’ approach to people trying to get in without a valid ticket, be it on foot, in vehicle or other means. We put a process in place with the help of locals, neighbours, Victoria Police and our security team (who have been with us for over fifteen years and understand the festivals well). It’s here if you want to take a look.

“You may see in the news that this month (November 2013), 18 people are due to appear in court charged with trespass in relation to the festivals. The maximum penalty is approximately $2750 or 6 months imprisonment. There are also other ramifications – I can tell you that some people who have been caught trespassing have begged not to be charged as a criminal conviction would wipe out their employment prospects and in many cases means being removed from current employment.”

As well as having zero tolerance for dickheads, Meredith also has a stellar musical lineup, with this year’s event featuring Chic and Nile Rogers, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Melvins.

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