Fleetwood Mac to Reunite in 2012?

Seventies rock monoliths Fleetwood Mac are poised to reunite in 2012, with the possibility of a new album also being bandied around.

Gigwise reports on the news, which came out through Hollywood blogger and enfant terrible of celebrity gossip Perez Hilton. Singer Stevie Nicks, the mention of whose name still conjures images of that dubious rock myth, is quoted as saying “When my album and Lindsey’s [Buckingham, bandmate] albums come to a stop, then Fleetwood Mac will gather again and we’ll either make another record or we won’t and we’ll just go on tour.”

Nicks released her latest solo album, In Your Dreams (featuring collaborations with Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart), in May and is about to conclude a short tour in support of it this weekend in Las Vegas. Buckingham, meanwhile, has a new album out in September, called Seeds We Sow.

Fleetwood Mac have not released an album for some eight years, their last being Say You Will, which came out in 2003. However, the band last toured as recently as 2009, without releasing new material. The Mac have had the same line up now since 1998, when Christine McVie left the group after 28 years – though she was credited as an additional musician on Say You Will.

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