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Florence + The Machine have landed in Australia and will kick off their tour at the Burswood Dome in Perth tonight with support from Blood Orange. Music Feeds reviewer Sneha Dave has flown from Sydney to Perth so you guys will be able to live the show through the minute-to-minute live updates and get an idea of what to expect for the rest of the tour. If you checked out the live updates from Prince’s first show at Allphones Arena in Sydney last week then you will know just what to expect.

Following tonight’s opening show in Perth, Florence + The Machine will play shows in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane before heading to New Zealand for a one-off show at Vector Arena in Auckland. While in Sydney the band will also perform at the Opera House as part of the Vivid LIVE festival.

Florence + The Machine headlined the Californian Coachella Festival in April, which was streamed live to the world via YouTube, giving Australians an early taste of what we were about to experience in May.

The last time Florence + The Machine visited Australia was in November last year for a one-off show promoting Debit Mastercard at the Seymour Centre in Sydney. Tickets to the event sold out in seconds and fans across the country were hanging out for a proper tour announcement, which to their delight came just a few weeks later.

View Florence + The Machine’s full Australia/New Zealand tour dates here.

*All updates are in Perth local time

22:30 I’ve been lucky to see Florence before and every time she brings the magic. Even with an injured foot, her ethereal energy is infectious, enchanting every single person in her presence! I’m disappointed that she didn’t play you’ve got the love but that’s my only complaint for what was a damn near perfect set! Get ready Australia the MACHINE has arrived!!
22:24 That’s all folks…
22:23 Her guitarist just carried her off stage…

22:20 She’s hopping in lieu of prancing due to her injured foot!! WHAT A MACHINE!!
22:17 Ohhh Shit!! She just took to the drums!
22:15 Ahh the song just built to a stunning crescendo, the audience is chanting “never let me go” What an amazing moment!!
22:13 Oh dang I’m crying again! This song is so damn beautiful!
22:12 NEVER LET ME GO!!!
22:10 Apparently she tripped backstage and her foot is bleeding 🙁

22:10 Her orchestra are taking their place
22:09 AND SHE’S BACK!!
22:08 Still no encore! I went through this with Prince already! HURRY!
22:08 The ground is literally vibrating from all the applause
22:07 C’mon Flo!! Don’t make us wait too long!
22:06 The stage is still lighted and the arena is dark – an encore looks promising!!
22:05 She just left the stage!!! C’MON ENCORE!!! I think everyone wants to throw their hands up in the air….
22:01 She’s whimsically prancing around the stage!! Her energy is contagious! Everyone is losing their SHIT!!

21:56 She’s asking everyone in the crowd to hop on their loved ones shoulders!! The mosh pit literally raised another level!!

21:55 Everyone is clapping for her cue – When she screams Perth – the entire audience is going to JUMP!! Ready… set… JUMP!!!!
21:53 She’s asking the entire crowd to jump in unison, she’s so excited by it
21:51 Hand claps and tambourines are taking over!! two of my favourite things!

21:46 The tribal drums just kicked in!! Everyone is literally shaking it out!!

21:44 She’s drenched in red light! Singing the first voice in acapella!! It’s a sight to behold!!
21:42 SHAKE IT OUT!! Everyone is on their feet!
21:34 Haha she literally broke down in the middle of BREAKING DOWN and then stopped the song and is now starting again!! Her endearing banter makes this little mishap forgivable 🙂

21:26 Hahaha she’s jealous of the conversation happening between her pianists and went over and asked to be included for once! She’s so freaking cute!!
21:23 She’s folking up heartlines as handclaps fill the arena!! Fact – every awesome song ever will have handclaps!!
21:21 She’s bantering with the audience and encouraging everyone to sing the harmonies for heart lines!
21:19 She just started singing an acapella of kiss from a rose by seal…She clearly hasn’t been watching the voice… Just saying!
21:17 Haha aww an audience member asked to go back stage and she just said “not now it will be a little bit awkward!”
21:15 Colour is illuminating the stage for Spectrum!!
21:13 She dropped the cape to reveal a svelte body suit embellished with what looks like gold amour!

21:11 Disco balls just emerged on the stage to the twinkle of harps!! Shit just got real for y’all!

21:09 She’s prancing around the stage and still manages to remain pitch perfect.
21:06 COSMIC LOVE!! oh god. The tears are flowing now…THIS IS MY JAM!!
21:05 She said she’s really happy to be back in Australia! She’s SOO softly spoken for someone with such a powerful voice!

21:03 First Taste from Lungs for the evening with LUNGS!! Crowd is fairy clapping along.
21:01 Aww she timidly said “hello Perth”
20:59 She’s running around the stage making full use of her Disney-esque cape.

20:58ahh I’m already choking up!! THAT VOICE!! No way is she a mere mortal!! She has to be an angel or an alien… Or both
20:55 WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME!! lay me down with that voice girl!
20:50 ONLY IF FOR A NIGHT!!! Holy shit she’s in some magical cape..MESMERISED!


20:47 Lights just went out!! IT’S FLO TIME!!!
20:24 The stadium is well and proper packed now! The curtains just fell to reveal some sort of quirky steel structure… Florence is almost among us!! Eeeeep!!
20:20 Blood Orange just ended his set with one ridiculously spine tingling guitar riff!! GOOSEBUMPS.

20:06 Fuck yes! Sutphin Boulevard!! hearing Blood Orange playing this tune live is so satisfying considering it has been dominating my iPod! YESSS!!
19:55 Sound is a little pitchy but fuck me kid’s got some mad skills! Kind of like The Weeknd with a psychadelic beach rock vibe. Watch this space no doubt he’ll be the headline act soon enough!!

19:52 Not familiar with his first track but he’s creamy R&B infused voice is pleading me to “come into my bedroom”… I can do that! He’s rocking some seriously skilled guitar riffs! No wonder he’s Florence’s and The chemical brothers go to guy!!
19:50 Lights just went out! Blood Orange aka lightspeed champion aka devonte hynes aka #47 in NME’s coolest person in rock 2007 just took to the stage!
19:25 The arena is slowly filling up to the jammin rhythms of some reggae tunes. The crowd is realy mixed. Lots of young kids in the audience with their parents, breaking their gig virginity. All together now…Aww! Not long till the support act, Blood Orange takes the stage. The excitement is starting to build!
19:03 May or may not have bought a Florence + The Machine Tea Cup and Saucer

18:51 Everyone’s getting excited for Florence!

18:38pm Check out the line an hour before the gig starts! Perth LOVES them some Flo Mo!

18:22pm So Perth has food stalls outside the stadium for hungry punters. This is already turning out to be my favourite gig even before it starts

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