Florence + The Machine Drummer Gets Trapped In Toilet, Almost Misses Gig

Florence + The Machine drummer Chris Hayden almost missed the band’s recent set at the Rivoli Ballroom in London after somehow finding himself stuck in a cubicle. According to NME, Hayden was rescued from the porcelain nightmare by venue staff just in time to play BBC Radio 2 In Concert.

To free the trapped drummer, staff actually had to take the cubicle door off its hinges. Fortunately, the show went on with Hayden included, but had he remained forever trapped in the toilet, singer Florence Welch had her father on standby.

“I didn’t know whether to say it on stage because I didn’t want to embarrass him, but he got trapped in the loo. He was screaming,” explained Welch, “He got really freaked out. We could hear him trying to bash the door down, and they had to take the door off its hinges, so my Dad did offer to stand in. But he did escape.”

Things have been somewhat quiet in the world of Florence + The Machine of late. Back in June Welch mentioned her desire to venture into more dance-orientated music with her aptly named side project Side Project, noting Calvin Harris as an inspiration.

“We actually have a dance outfit side project called Side Project. We made this weird house track that sounded quite churchy – to be confirmed! As yet, it has never seen the light of day,” Welch told Digital Spy

“What I enjoy about Calvin’s songs is that he has that blend of euphoric and melancholic, which as an artist he has managed to perfect. It’s that mix of catchy and sad – that feeling of complete joy but something tugging at your insides. That’s what makes a great pop song and I think he’s really coined that.”

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