Florence Welch Possessed By Witchcraft On Stage

In an interview with Nylon magazine Florence Welch said she feels possessed by witchcraft when she performs on stage. The lead singer of Florence & the Machine, whose hits include Dog Days are Over and Rabbit Hear said she loses control of her actions and goes into a trance like state when she performs.

It’s a feeling of being possessed. It’s a strange sort of witchcraft, almost like voodoo or something. I see people in the audience and it’s like we’re all in it together, but at the same time, you’re disappearing.

Florence has stated that her inspiration comes from watching male performers, she loves the“debauchery” included in their performances.

When I would see live bands, I wanted to do it like they did it. I was drawn to male performers and that aggression and how debauched it was. It was also shamanic, and I always thought I would love to do something so powerful.

Florence suffers from dyspraxia – a motor learning difficulty that can affect movements and co-ordination as a result of brain messages not being transmitted to the body.

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