Flume And Chet Faker To Release Collaborative EP

Musical partners in crime Flume and Chet Faker tend to never be too far away from one and another, and now Flume has revealed that the pair have made their collaborative relationship status official by making an EP together.

The chart-topping producer, known to the government as Harley Streton, has fessed up to his co-curricular activities in a recent interview with, saying, “I’ve got an EP coming out with Chet Faker, that’s coming out in a few months… I’m really, really psyched to get that out. I think it’s really strong.”

As he continued to detail the release, Streton added that the songs grew organically, with the pair providing flourishes that may have been impossible if attempted as individuals:

“We went away for like a week and wrote some music and it turns out that we’re like an awesome duo. I mean, well, his strengths are all my weaknesses and vice versa so we kinda complement each other. It’s a bit like a yin-yang thing we’ve got going on.

Though Faker provided vocals for Flume’s album track Left Alone, this time round the duo have come up with something that isn’t reminiscent of either of their projects, but rather the perfect hybrid:

“That record doesn’t sound particularly like Flume or specifically like, you know, a Chet Faker record. It really is kinda like a hybrid of both sounds going to one and I feel like everything we did with that EP, it was just totally… Everything was collaborative about the whole effort, and I think that shines through.”

The pair have been teasing further collaborations since earlier in the year, with Streton taking to Facebook to post pictures of himself and Faker during “8 hours back to back beat making” back in February. As well as making music together, Faker and Flume (Fluker?) have also toured together, with Chet supporting on a run of national sold-out tour dates.

Watch: Flume – Left Alone ft. Chet Faker

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