Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins Says He Finds EDM Music “Depressing”

There may be a shitload of epic dance fests going down in Australia this summer but you probably won’t catch Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins hanging around at any of them.

The tubthumper is no stranger to impromptu trips down under, but you’re wayyy more likely to catch him playing impromptu sets of rock & metal covers with Foos bandmate Dave Grohl than getting lit at Field Day.

In a new interview with Star2 ahead of the release of the Fooies’ ninth studio album Concrete & Gold, the blonde beatman confessed that he finds a lot of modern popular music “depressing”.

“To me, the things I don’t love about EDM and pop music is the lack of human feel,” Hawkins explains.

“I get sad to think that the human feel of music is going to be gone from the mainstream and it’s all just going to be sort of this clicking and popping of computers with auto-tuned vocals. To me, that sounds so depressing.”

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters new LP, which is set to be light on the EDM but heavy on the Paul McCartney collabs, is due out on Friday, 15th September.

Fingers crossed an Aussie tour announcement isn’t far behind!

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