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Frenzal Rhomb Raising Money For Child Sexual Assault Victims With ‘Pell Awaits’ T-Shirts

Frenzal Rhomb have reprinted one of their most popular shirt designs in an effort to money for child sexual assault victims. The merch in question is their famed ‘Pell Awaits’ tee design, which pairs art for Slayer’s 1985 album Hell Awaits with a reference to disgraced Catholic cardinal George Pell.

News of the reprint was announced on the same day that Pell, previously found guilty and later acquitted of child sexual abuse, died at the age of 81 in Rome. The shirt had initially made its debut back in 2014, swiftly becoming one of Frenzal Rhomb’s most popular designs and inspiring multiple reprints.

Frenzal Rhomb have resurrected their ‘Pell Awaits’ shirt design:


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Designed by Glenno Smith, the shirt design had been revived on numerous occasions over the years, including in 2016 when Pell refused to return to Australia to give evidence in a Royal Commission into child abuse.

“I guess the accidental link being that because that horrible paedophile enabler believes in it, he’ll probably actually go to hell when his sordid life finally ends,” guitarist Lindsay McDougall said at the time.

“Praise him, for he is risen! The shirt that is,” Frenzal Rhomb wrote in a social media post announcing the shirt’s 2023 return. $2 from every purchase is being donated to Bravehearts, an Australian child protection organisation dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse.

Pell faced a series of charges relating to historical sexual assault in 2017, ultimately being convicted of five counts of child sexual abuse of two boys in the 1990s the following year. While imprisoned, Pell launched an appeal, with the High Court of Australia eventually quashing his conviction in April 2020.

The current crop of ‘Pell Awaits’ shirts are available via Artist First.

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