Fun Lovin’ Criminals Frontman Flips Out On UK Panel Show

In what might be the most significant event in the history of NY rap-rock group Fun Lovin’ Criminals since that song about dog biscuits, frontman Huey Morgan bookended his self-asserted ninth appearance on UK quiz show Never Mind The Buzzcocks by having a coniption and smashing a mug.

“I don’t roll like a punk,” declared Huey, who was visibly stewing in the miasma of his own butt-hurt. Morgan, who is known in the UK for his BBC 6 radio show and for the band that let Everlast and Kevin Federline happen to us, became irate during the ‘Next Lines’ segment of the show.

Morgan was on a team with comedian Phil Jupitus and Irish TV presenter Laura Whitmore, who were unusually reserved despite being in the presence of the same stimulus that apparently set Morgan off. Peeved with having to recite lyrics from his own discography, the “rapper” turned sour.

“I just thought you guys might do something different for a change,” he told hosts Rizzle Kicks, who responded to Morgan with the kind of tongue-in-cheek banter reserved for someone who’s being an abhorrent dickhead, but just so happens to be on TV.

The tactic didn’t work to quell the Ahab-like torment that resided within Morgan, who took out his Melvillean frustrations on an unsuspecting coffee mug. The mug could not be reached for comment so it is unknown at this point if there was any previous animosity between Morgan and the mug.

The denouement to Morgan’s meditation on his own sexual frustrations came when he stormed off the Buzzcocks set, mirroring similar walk-offs perpetrated by Lemmy of Motorhead and a guy named Preston from some band.

Readers can watch Morgan’s tantrum in all its impotent glory (skip to 24m5s), as well as a similar dummy-spit launched by Preston, below. The mug is currently in an Intensive Care Unit but is expected to make a full recovery.

Watch: Huey Morgan On Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Watch: Preston From The Ordinary Boys On Never Mind The Buzzcocks

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