Photo: Ashley Mar

Here Are The Funniest Anti-Lockout Banners From The ‘Keep Sydney Open’ Rally

Sydney’s sign-making prowess was on full display today, with thousands of punters taking part in anti-lockout protests at the Keep Sydney Open rally, where banners were smothered in Simpsons references, bad baird Mike Baird puns, Kanye West quotes and even penises, for some reason.

New South Wales Premier Mike ‘Casino Mike’ Baird was the inspiration behind many of today’s best banners, as was the notion of a NSW ‘Nanny State’, Sydney’s Star Casino (which is exempt from the lockout laws) and its billionaire developer James Packer. Catch all of the most hilarious signs from today’s rally in the gallery below.

Keep Sydney Open’s Tyson Koh estimates 15,000 people attended today’s rally, while NSW Police estimate it was closer to 5,000. The protest included performances from the likes of Royal Headache and Art vs Science, as well as speeches from The Preatures’ frontwoman Isabella Manfredi, the Hoodoo Gurus’ Dave Faulkner and DJ Nina Las Vegas. For a full recap and more pics of the rally, head here.

Gallery: The Funniest Anti-Lockout Banners From The ‘Keep Sydney Open’ Rally (21.02.16)

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