Gene Simmons Slams Musical Acts That Mime Onstage

Gene Simmons has spoken out against musical performers that use canned or pre-recorded material during their live shows. The comments came during a recent interview with Triple M, who reported that Simmons was targeting acts such as Rihanna and Madonna.

Simmons remarks come shortly after the official dates were released for the co-headlining Australian tour with Kiss and Mötley Crüe. The tour kicks off in February and, based on Simmons comments, fans can expect plenty of loud live music without any trickery.

“My only question is…why don’t you have enough balls to get up on stage and tell them truthfully ‘look, I know you love me and you love my records but only about half of what you’re hearing is real. The other half is canned music like a karaoke singer. It’s not real. We’re lying to you.’ What an insult!” Simmons told Triple M.

“If you’re going to charge one hundred bucks for a ticket at least have the decency of telling your fans that only half of the stuff they’re hearing is live music and the other is canned or pre-recorded.”

“Or have the decency to get up on stage like great bands like AC/DC, Metallica, certainly KISS… and what you hear is what you get. Four people sweating their nuts off with nobody in the backstage pressing buttons or digital this and digital that.”

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