Genesis Owusu at Enmore Theatre (Image: Maria Boyadgis)

Genesis Owusu Halts Sydney Show After Enmore Theatre Floor Collapses

Genesis Owusu launched his national headline tour last night (Thursday, 3rd March) with a sold out show at Sydney’s 1600-capacity Enmore Theatre.

However, the gig – Owusu’s first in nine months – lasted fewer than five minutes before coming to a shuddering halt. Backed by the Black Dog Band, Owusu was in the early stages of the night’s second song, ‘The Other Black Dog’, when the flooring caved in underneath the weight of the crowd.

Sydney Uni publication, Honi Soit, posted on Twitter that the the sunken area is approximately one metre deep and eight by six metres across. The carpet covering the flooring didn’t split and according to the artist’s Instagram stories, “everyone is safe and in good spirits.” But the gig ended immediately.

“I love you all. You guys have been amazing,” said the AMP-winning Owusu when telling the crowd the show was over. “This is really shit, but you guys are fucking crazy and this shit’s going to go down in history.

“You guys are the craziest crowd you broke the fucking Enmore in two songs. So I love you all and I’ll be seeing you all again very soon.”

Enmore Theatre (Image: Maria Boyadgis)

Details are yet to emerge of when and where the gig will be rescheduled. Owusu’s tour continues tonight at Adelaide Festival before moving on to Brisbane and Melbourne next weekend.

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