Glenn Danzig Orders Crowd To Attack Fan

Misfits founder and frontman of eponymous hard rock outfit Danzig, Glenn Danzig has spurred an outpouring of online outrage, after a video of him siccing the crowd onto a fan at a Florida gig surfaced online.

Performing at The Cuban Club in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida, the famously egotistical singer and comic book artist was in the middle of a performance of the song Blood and Tears from the band’s 1990 album Danzig II: Lucifuge, when he became distracted by a fan clutching a camera phone.

In the video, which readers can check out below, the horror punk legend signals to the fan to put his phone away several times, before taking time before the launch into the chorus to declare, “Somebody punch that fuckin’ asshole right there!”

The video cuts out soon after. YouTube user filicid, who uploaded the video, said “This was my first time seeing Danzig. Also my last.” The clip has angered music fans, with one commenter describing Danzig’s actions as “a shitty thing to do. period.”

Another commenter who was allegedly at the show said “There were MANY fans there taking photos or recording videos at this show, including myself, and Danzig did not order the crowd to punch any of us in the face…the guy who was singled out was not the only one doing this throughout the night.”

Of course Danzig is no stranger to having less-than-flattering videos of himself appear online. Something of an underground online sensation was footage of a young Danzig opening up his library of the macabre to interviewers in what is apparently an indoor swimming pool.

Readers are urged to check it out below.

Watch: Glenn Danzig Orders Crowd To Attack Fan

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