Harry Styles’ Car Broke Down In Front Of A Fan’s Home, But She Wasn’t There

In hilariously sad news, Harry Styles’ car broke down in front a huge stan’s house, but she wasn’t home. The fan, Theadora revealed on her private Instagram story that her father let Styles into their home to use the phone while she was out.

Since sharing the news, the images have gone viral.

“Theadora, my car broke down on your street and your dad’s friend kindly let me wait at your house with a cup of tea,” he wrote. “I’m devastated that we missed each other. Looking forward to meeting soon. Treat people with kindness.”

“P.S. I fed the fish.”

Yeah, Harry Styles also fed Theadora’s fish, of the same name of course.

He wrote another note on a little watermelon paper saying, “Tell your dad to get in touch and I’ll see you at a show.”

He also signed her Fine Line copy with, “Sending you all my love, I’m so sorry we missed each other. Until next time, Harry.” And took the opportunity to draw a face mask on himself.


Harry Styles’ Australian tour was officially called off last month.

He also shared a video for ‘Golden’ the other day. Watch it below.

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