Harry Styles Played ‘Fine Line’ And Partied With Stevie Nicks And Her “Witches Coven”

In a lengthy new interview with Howard Stern, Harry Styles has discussed – among other things – playing latest album Fine Line to Stevie Nicks and her friends prior to its release.

While Nicks was in London touring with Fleetwood Mac, she apparently called Styles up wanting to go to dinner, so he took her to a local Indian restaurant.

“I’d just finished the record and then she said ‘Oh, I want to come hear the album’, and she was with all her ladies… her little witches coven,” said Styles.

“They all came back to the house and I played them the album. They’re so used to living nocturnally. They wake up really late and they kind of live through the night because they’re, you know, witches.”

“So, it’s getting to 3AM, playing the album. I’m like, ‘I’m kind of tired’. And they’re right in their prime. They’re like, ‘This is like daytime for us.’ They left at like 6. I remember them walking outside to get a car and the sun had come up. I was like, ‘I’m exhausted.'”

There you have it – Stevie Nicks still extremely knows how to party, and is also apparently imbued with supernatural nocturnal powers?

Elsewhere in the interview, Styles recounted being robbed at knifepoint, and discussed writing songs about exes (and exes writing songs about him.)

Watch clips of the interview below.


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