Have Coldplay Sneakily Revealed Their New Album Release Date?

Coldplay fans everywhere have been sent into a spin after one super-observant individual noticed a mysterious poster in the London Underground which suggests the band’s next album, tentatively titled A Head Full Of Dreams, will finally arrive this December.

According to Lee Thompson, Music Editor at Record Of The Day, the poster which is giving off the super-strong Coldplay vibes is at London’s Waterloo station. It features a cluster of coloured circles along with the date of 4th December, which he believes could be the day Coldplay’s next album arrives.

As Thompson points out, the circles on the poster are similar to those seen on the Coldplay timeline which sits on the band’s website. Here’s a shot of that timeline for comparison:

Thompson also says he’s hearing that a new Coldplay single is set to drop very, very soon:

Meanwhile, another clever punter noticed that a similar circular pattern to that seen in the London Underground poster was featured on Coldplay frontman Chris Martin’s shirt during the band’s set at Global Citizen Festival in September, where they debuted the new song Amazing Day (below).

What’s more, there are also these two matching coloured badges someone else spotted the band wearing earlier this year, adding even more credit to the idea that 4th December will be a very special day for Coldplay fans.

The internet is also having a bit of fun with the so-called new Coldplay design, which definitely resembles the cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s album Sempiternal.

An unnamed source has told Billboard that a new Coldplay album will indeed be released by the end of the year, and an official announcement from the band is expected next week.

In December 2014, Chris Martin said Coldplay’s next album will be titled A Head Full of Dreams, and said they’re treating it as the “final thing we’re doing”. The band’s next album will be their seventh, and the follow-up to 2014’s Ghost Stories.

Watch Coldplay debut their new song Amazing Day, below.

Watch: Coldplay – Amazing Day (Live At Global Citizen Festival 2015)

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