Hear The Drake & Father John Misty Mashup That Is Weirdly Amazing

New York producer Yuri Beats has united two of the unlikeliest of artists in mashup form.

Drake‘s Legend has been combined with Holy Shit by outgoing, eccentric songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Father John Misty. Drake’s vocals sit over Father John Misty’s instrumentation and production, to create the weirdest but at the same time amazing combination.

“I’m a huge fan of Drake and Father John Misty. Both ‘Legend’ and ‘Holy Shit’ really touched a nerve for me,” Yuri Beats told  Noisey. “They both manage to articulate something beautiful and painful that really resonated with me.”

Father John Misty has already given the track his tick of approval, saying it’s “lit” and reposting it to Twitter with the caption “Love this”.


Check out the mashup in question here.

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