Hear Florence + The Machine’s New ‘Final Fantasy’ Mini-Album

Florence + The Machine aren’t exactly known as one of the more conventional bands going around, but the revelation that they’ve released a series of new songs as part of the soundtrack for the uber successful Final Fantasy game franchise may still come as a surprise to many.

Earlier this year we heard Florence + The Machine cover Ben E. King’s iconic tune Stand By Me on the trailer for Final Fantasy XV, and now the rest of the soundtrack has become available on Spotify.

Although the soundtrack to Final Fantasy has always been an integral part of the game, with some songs even going on to inspire live orchestral tours, the use of Welch and her band is definitely an unexpected collab.

Despite that, there’s just something about these brooding new tracks –  Too Much Is Never Enough and I Will Be – that although weird, just work. They’re both songs that you can easily picture in the Final Fantasy universe, and the mini-album is pretty epic in its own right as well.

Listen to the full mini-album below.

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