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Here’s A Hilarious Guide To Writing alt-J Songs

English lads alt-J may have just finished up their most recent Australian tour, but two dudes on the internet are proving just how easy it can be to recreate the alt-J sound at home, if you missed their tour.

Two members of the Montreal-based psych-rock/grunge/jazz band Fleece have created a hilarious how-to video (below) showing how anyone with a microphone and a looper can enjoy the snarly vocal tones of an alt-J song in the comfort of their own home, and in the presence of their own packet of rice cakes.

The pair’s parody features a lot of talk about putting things up the singer’s butt, but the duo promise the video is all in good fun. “THIS IS A PARODY…nothing mean spirited towards alt-J,” reads the clip’s description.

Fleece have released their alt-J parody onto YouTube, and also dropped it over on their Soundcloud page as a free download titled, In My Butt (alt-J Parody).


Watch: How to write an alt-J song, aka In My Butt (alt-J parody by Fleece)

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