Here’s Why Everyone Thinks The Beatles Estate Is Suing Brisbane Rock Band, Young Lions

So there’s been a bunch of wacked out news clippings doing the rounds recently involving beloved Brissie rock band, Young Lions.

Among the headlines, we’ve been informed that the Beatles Estate is suing the local scene faves over their previous single ‘HELP’, not to mention that Young Lions’ music will be among the first to be streamed on the planet Mars as part of Elon Musk’s new streaming platform, Stream-X. Also – did you manage to catch their epic rendition of Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ for triple j‘s ‘Like A Version’?

To clarify, none of these things actually happened. In fact it’s all — as the great sentient Cheeto Donald Trump would say — fake news.


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But Young Lions’ aren’t just trolling us with clickbait for the lols.

It’s all part of a larger statement they’re trying to make with their latest single ‘Pilgrim’, a surging, anthemic, arena rock-sized ballad about being careful what you believe (especially online, and especially in 2020).

“It all kind of fed back in to what the song’s meaning was,” explains frontman, Zach Britt. “You know, just to look a bit harder into things.

“We’d love to encourage people to get their brain into gear and look a little bit further than what initially meets the eye.”

So even though the marketing gag may have have duped some poor unsuspecting fans, that was kind of the point.

You can peep the mersmerising visualiser for Young Lions’ goosebump-inducing new tune ‘Pilgrim’ (also Britt’s handiwork) below.


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