Hunters & Collectors Go Disco On New Avalanches Rework ‘Stalking To A Stranger’

One of the most anticipated contributions set to feature on upcoming Hunters & Collectors tribute album Crucible – The Songs of Hunters & Collectors, The Avalanches rendition of Talking To A Stranger, is now streaming online. The version which features on the album, Stalking To A Stranger (Planets Collide Remix), has debuted alongside the original Avalanches mix and a radio edit of the same.

The original Hunnas track was a seminal feature on the group’s eponymous 1981 debut, and is now a focus of the tribute compilation, which will feature reimaginings from the likes of Eddie Vedder & Niel Finn, Alpine, Birds Of Tokyo and more.

The Avalanches were fully aware of the weight of the situation, finding themselves in the scary/awesome position of having to rework an total anthem. Robbie Avalanche has commented on the situation, stating:

“Firstly, Mark Seymour is a Western Bulldogs fanatic and us Footscray lifers have to stick together! At a fundamental level, it was both an honour and incredibly daunting to be asked to remix such an incredible song.

“What a stunning and risky way to announce your presence as a new band. Hunters & Collectors pulled it off though. We loved the Conny Plank and krautrock influences, the Hunters really were ahead of the curve with this track. There’s a sense of dread and darkness that you can’t quite put your finger on, which we tried to maintain, while fucking it up a bit to make it appealing to leftfield DJs and music lovers.”

Birds Of Tokyo have already put their Aussie rock spin on the track, with stunning results – you can listen to that version below as well. Both Birds Of Tokyo and Hunters & Collectors will be performing as part of this year’s AFL Grand Final.

The full release of Crucible will be out Friday, 27th September and it’s available for pre-order now.

Listen: The Avalanches – Stalking To A Stranger (Planets Collide Remix)

Listen: Hunters & Collectors – Talking To A Stranger [Avalanches Rework] [Radio Edit]

Listen: Hunters & Collectors – Talking To A Stranger [Avalanches Rework] [Extended]

Listen: Birds OF Tokyo – Talking To A Stranger

Hunters & Collectors – Talking To A Stranger

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