Hunters & Collectors’ Mark Seymour Blasts Reclaim Australia

Following on from John Farnham, Midnight Oil and Jimmy Barnesdenunciation of the group, Hunters & Collectors frontman Mark Seymour has slammed Reclaim Australia over unauthorised use of the band’s hit Holy Grail, while also calling them “a racist organisation.”

Taking to Facebook to air his anger at the anti-immigration and anti-Islam organisation, Seymour’s post has received almost 3,000 likes and 500 shares in the 10 hours since he wrote it.

Seymour didn’t just stop at calling out Reclaim Australia though, he took it one step further by expressing solidarity for asylum seekers across the world. “We stand together with refugees and asylum seekers the world over. We are opposed to bigotry, race hate and fascism,” the post reads.

While some of Seymour’s fans have hit back at the songwriter, with one fan writing “obviously you clearly forget where you started to where you are now,” most commenters have been supportive of his stance. Answering the previous comment, another fan of Seymour’s was quick to dismiss the comment, writing “it also used to be the Australian way to give a person a fair go, and help a person in need. Reclaim Australia has pissed all over that. Sell your crap elsewhere.”

Seymour’s comments come off the back of a series clashes between Reclaim Australia and rival anti-Islam and pro-diversity protestors around Australia over the weekend that saw numerous people arrested, including one person for animal cruelty, having been accused of punching a police horse.

Finishing the post with “‘Reclaim Australia’ has no place in Australian Society” you can read the full text of Seymour’s post below.

Watch: Hunters & Collectors – Holy Grail

I've just been informed that 'Reclaim Australia' are using 'Holy Grail' at their rallies. Let me be clear. 'Reclaim... Posted by Mark Seymour on Sunday, November 22, 2015

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