Ice Cube To Star In Disney’s Modern Day Reboot Of ‘Oliver Twist’

In a bizarre yet delightful ~twist~ of casting, Ice Cube has just been selected to play the role of Fagin in Disney’s new adaptation of the classic movie musical Oliver!

Yup. That guy.

In what seems more like an idea for a LOL-tastic SNL skit than a legitimate movie casting decision, the hardened N.W.A. badass will portray the merry old Jewish pickpocket-king of Victorian England, made iconic in Charles Dickens’ iconic novel, musical theatre and too many film adaptations to bloody well count.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 7.19.29 pm

Ay, caramba.

Of course, Disney’s new flick won’t be set in the 1800’s, oh no, this baby’s getting shoved in a time machine and beamed straight to the year 2017, bitches.

It’s getting the Romeo + Juliet treatment. It’s getting Clueless‘d, Bridget Jones‘d, Pretty Woman‘d. Future Year 12’s will probably have to study it in their HSC English syllabuses.

As Rolling Stone reports, the modern day adaptation of the Dickens-inspired musical will reportedly be directed by Thomas Kail, who recently earned a Tony Award for his work helming Hamilton.

Cube is also set to produce and pen the treatment (which is kind of like a short screenplay type thing) with co-producer Jeff Kwatinetz.

To no surprise, Disney’s new contemporary spin on Oliver! will also include a hip-hop soundtrack.

Some of our suggestions for potential song titles include: Boyz-N-The-Workhouse, Fuck Tha Dining Hall Master, Pickpocket Pickpocket and Straight Outta Gruel.

Watch: Oliver! – “You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two’ (1968)

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