Ice-T Reminds Us He Had ’99 Problems’ Long Before Jay-Z Ever Did

Rappers are notoriously territorial, so it’s no wonder Ice-T decided that as long as he was re-establishing himself as the baddest name in both the hip-hop and metal games, he would take back what’s rightfully his. Ergo, Body Count‘s re-recording of Ice-T’s 1993 solo cut 99 Problems.

While Jay-Z may have introduced the phrase to a new generation and forever emblazoned it with his indelible mark, the hook from his Rick Rubin-produced 2004 hit 99 Problems was in fact lifted from the track of the same name on Ice’s fifth solo album Home Invasion (readers can check it below).

Dubbed 99 Problems BC, the group’s recreation is radically different from both Hov’s track and Ice’s solo effort, featuring pounding guitar riffs and creeping licks. The lyrics have also been given an update, with “hoes” now referred to as “bitches” – and just when we thought Ice was a feminist.

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Listen: Body Count – 99 Problems BC (Rock Mix)

Listen: Ice T – 99 Problems

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