In Hearts Wake Document Life On The Road In ‘Survival (The Chariot)’ Clip

The latest video offering from Byron Bay lads In Hearts Wake gives us some solid insight into what the boys get up to while on the road. After watching the clip for Survival (The Chariot) it becomes immediately clear why these guys like to tour so much, and in a matter of days they’re gonna be back on the road doing all of this crazy shit again. Lord have mercy.

When the band dropped Divination last year, it instantly sent a chill down the spines of those who consider themselves peers of the band. This didn’t just happen locally, but on an international scale given their current position at the front lines of the battalion of Aussie metal bands busting skulls and taking names all over the world.

The record itself was startlingly brilliant. Amongst a local scene fast becoming bloated and homogenised, In Hearts Wake brought a new spin on things, of which Survival (The Chariot) is a shining example. Fortunately, it seems all the hype and international support slots haven’t gone to their heads and the dudes are still straight-up reckless.

From playing to big crowds to eating things they really, really shouldn’t. The new clip has it all.

WATCH: In Hearts Wake – Survival (The Chariot)

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