Iron Maiden Likely To Not Be Around In 10 Years Time, Implies Bassist

It looks as though an expiry date has been put on one of the world’s most legendary bands Iron Maiden. Though their music might live forever, the band members certainly will not. Such is the issue addressed in a recent interview with iconic bassist Steve Harris.

With recent tours breathing new life into the group, it’s raised the question of how much longer can we expect Maiden to be making music The Quietus threw that question to Harris, using 10 years time as a reference point, to which the musician responded, “I don’t know about ten years. I think we’ve certainly got another five years in us – but it’s hard to say”.

Despite the spirit being willing, it’s sounding a bit like the body might not be, Harris continued to elaborate that “as you get older it gets doubly hard to keep yourself fit and in shape. We do work really hard on doing that. We’d be selling ourselves and everyone else short if we didn’t, so we do look after ourselves.”

Here’s to a hell of a 5 years, that’s for sure!

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