Jaguar Jonze
Photo: Minori Ueda

Jaguar Jonze Returns With Fierce New Single & Video ‘Who Died and Made You King?’

Following on from her Antihero EP earlier this year Jaguar Jonze has returned with new single ‘Who Died and Made You King?’. It’s a blisteringly fierce dance-punk anthem that directly builds on the singer-songwriter’s unflinching advocacy for survivors of sexual assault and harassment in the Australian music industry over the past year and beyond.

“Within a year, we have taken down many notable ‘kings’ or heads at the top of the music industry,” commented Jonze – real name Deena Lynch – in an accompanying statement. “This song is to both celebrate that, as well as act as warning that more downfalls and clean ups are yet to come.”

I’m leading, I’m the voice of change / Your downfall isn’t far away,” Jonze triumphantly sings on the track’s opening verse above a searing backdrop of heavily distorted bass and pummelling electronic percussion.

‘Who Died and Made You King?’ arrives alongside a stunning video directed and edited by Jonze herself. It sees her flanked by 12 Asian-Australian women and gender non-conforming people all dressed in various nude shades, intended as a representation of various bodies, a testament to strength and vulnerability.

According to Jonze, the new single and its accompanying video also mark her first new material since she’s been able to focus solely on her creative output, rather than balancing the work of her ongoing advocacy.

“In order to fight for a safer environment within the music industry meant that I had to sacrifice my artistry to advocate. With this single, I wanted to take back my power, take back my voice and take back my artistry,” she explains.

Watch the video for ‘Who Died and Made You King?’ below.

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