Jai Paul Returns With New Tracks ‘Do You Love Her Now’ & ‘He’

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from Jai Paul, and even though ‘hot minute’ is actually seven years, we’re glad the UK artist is back.

Yes, seven years since new material was last heard from the elusive musician, we’ve arrived here, entering the second half of 2019 with two brand new Jai Paul singles.

Releasing a double B-side single in ‘Do You Love Her Now/He’, Jai Paul has begun stoking fires of hype for a larger project potentially in the mix.

Along with the release of these new singles, the official release of his leaked-2013 album – Leak 04-13 – is also now available for purchase, and Jai Paul’s website has also been relaunched for fans to sink their teeth into.

‘Do You Love Her Now/He’ has been made available on vinyl too for the Jai Paul collectors out there, with a limited edition of 500 copies of the single in white-on-white vinyl, signed by the artist himself ready for order at www.jai-paul.com.


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