Janelle Monae On Iggy Azalea ‘Fancy’ Sample: “She steals from us, we steal back”

Janelle Monae’s first signing to her brand new Wonderland Records labal, Jidenna, and in particular his single Classic Man, has copped some controversy over similarities to Iggy Azalea’s break out hit Fancy, with Monae recently clearing the air on copycat claims.

Speaking on Hot 97 radio with Jidenna, Monae clarified that the similarities between the two songs led to them giving songwriting credit to Iggy and co. as a cautionary measure, after the fallout from the Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams lawsuit which saw them lose out to Marving Gaye’s estate on copyright claims for tune Blurred Lines.

“The truth is we actually didn’t sample it. But ever since the decision of Robin Thicke and Pharrell, we believe that it was important to make sure that we are safe,” Jidenna said. “When that Robin Thicke verdict came out, we realised the game had changed in music. I’m glad we were safe.”

When conversation turned to allegations of Mullumbimby born Iggy’s appropriating of other culutures, such as black hip-hop culture, Monae stepped up to the plate with this tidy bit of shade, dropping “Hey, she steal from us, we steal back.”

Yeah, I’m a just leave this here:

iggy gif

Check out the chat with Janelle and Jidenna below, and witness the Fancy-sampling Classic Man for yourself.

Watch: Janlle Monae and Jidenna on Hot 97 Radio

Watch: Jidenna – Classic Man

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