Jared Leto Looks Likely To Feature In Skrillex & Rick Ross’ New Music Video As The Joker

If rumours are true, it looks like Skrillex and Rick Ross will be harnessing the full Juggalo potential of Jared Leto’s DC villain The Joker. There have been unconfirmed reports that the Oscar-winner will be reprising his role to star in a video clip from the pair.

Fans went nuts when Leto uploaded a series of images across his various social media accounts of him once again donning The Joker outfit. “Unknown sources” have connected the dots, speaking to Batman News and revealing that Leto was actually on-set in Florida filming the music video which will be a part of The Justice League’s official soundtrack.

The collab between Skrillex and Rick Ross hasn’t officially been released yet, but a rather rough edit made its way online. Even with the dodgie mix, you can clearly make out phrases such as “Suicide Squad”, “Gotham City” and perhaps the biggest giveaway “Purple Lamborghini”, which, we assume is a reference to The Joker’s car in Suicide Squad – though it’s actually a custom Vaydor 35, for those playing at home.

So you don’t have to go far to see that all the signs do point to a song and video that would feature The Joker himself.

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