Jimmy Barnes
Jimmy Barnes | Image: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Jimmy Barnes Shares Health Update Following “Urgent Surgery”

Jimmy Barnes has posted an update on social media regarding his current health condition. Barnes let his followers know that he’s been given the “all clear” – in November Barnes was forced to cancel his summer touring schedule in order to undergo “urgent surgery”.

At the time, Barnes said it was “against [his] religion to blow out gigs”, but 50 years of “jumping off PAs and stomping around stages” had caught up with him, necessitating back and hip surgery to alleviate the “constant and severe pain” he was experiencing.

Jimmy Barnes: “We’ve got 10 out of 10”

Barnes is now on the mend, having completed his most recent round of treatment before heading to Thailand. “We’ve got 10 out of 10, and an all clear to get on the next plane,” he said.

“Land of Smiles here we come,” he wrote, referring to his wife’s home country of Thailand. “The kids will look after the veggies, roses and geese. Our next phase of physio will be in a pool by the Gulf of Siam. Luckiest man in the world right now.”

“We’re through the rigmarole of check in and customs, ready to board,” Barnes wrote in another post several hours later. “Thanks for cheering me on, so much positivity has definitely helped. I’ll be working on my book, writing new music between physio work in the pool.”

Barnes hasn’t announced when he’ll return to the stage, but his postponed tour is due to begin in August. Among the cancelled gigs was a planned appearance at Bluesfest, where Barnes was set to premiere his newest project, The Barnestormers.

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