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Jimmy Eat World Release New Donald Trump Diss Song ‘My Enemy’

Jimmy Eat World only recently released their ninth studio album Integrity Blues, and now we’ve already got more new music from the four-piece rock outfit in the form of an anti-Donald Trump track.

The song is called My Enemy, and it’s been written as part of a US musical campaign called 30 Days 30 Songs (recently expanded to 50 songs), all by artists who hate the Donald.

In the accompanying post for the song, Jimmy Eat world call out Trump for using fear to motivate the US electorate, and to implore the people of America not to be manipulated by the politics of fear.

“The only way to steel yourself against that kind of manipulation is to do the real self-work in discovering and letting go of your own fears,” says the band, before going on to challenge voters by asking “are you willing to accept that maybe, just possibly, what you feel as a threat, isn’t?”

Jimmy Eat World are the latest act in a string of artists who’ve written Donald Trump diss tracks recently, including Eminem and Death Cab For Cutie.

Jimmy Eat World frontman Jim Adkins told Music Feeds last month that they were eyeing off an Australian tour in the not-too-distant future.

Listen: Jimmy Eat World – ‘My Enemy’

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