Julia Jacklin Has Returned With A Pair Of Stunning New Singles

Julia Jacklin released one of the best Australian albums of 2019 with her sophomore record Crushing. Now, the singer-songwriter has returned with a pair of new singles as part of Sub Pop’s Singles Club series.

Both of the new songs – which are titled ‘to Perth, before the border closes’ and ‘CRY’ – are classic Jacklin. Gorgeous and slow-burning tunes anchored around the songwriter’s warm, gently distorted guitars, introspective storytelling, and her trademark crooned vocals.

The first of the pair sees Jacklin reflect on the nature of change, an appropriate notion to explore in 2020. ‘CRY’, meanwhile, opens with the following deeply relatable lockdown lyrics: “Hiding my depression from my housemates / I don’t know them well enough yet to cry in the kitchen.

Last year, when speaking to Music Feeds about the creative process behind Crushing, Jacklin spoke about not holding anything back when it came to writing.

“Everyone’s writing about one another, everyone’s throwing one another under the bus occasionally. It’s just kind of the way it goes,” she explained.

“If you tried to censor those feelings, I don’t feel like the records would be as good. Sometimes, you’ve just got to throw yourself into it, and just hope people won’t hate you too much.”

Listen to ‘to Perth, before the border closes’ and ‘CRY’ below.

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