Just FYI, Iron Maiden Are Far From Done

In a time when plenty of rock & metal legends like Black Sabbath, Mötley Crüe and (apparently) Aerosmith are all hanging up their guitars, you’d be forgiven for thinking that veterans Iron Maiden might be next on the list.

But despite going guns-blazing for over 40 years, the heavy metal lords are far from done shredding our socks off.

Responding to rumours that the band could be calling it quits after their monumental Book Of Souls world tour wraps, guitarist Dave Murray promised that “We’re not stopping after this tour; this isn’t the last tour by any means”.

“We’re going to finish this one out, which we’re having a lot of fun [doing], and then we’re going to take some time off and next year there’s going to be some surprises,” he tells The Press Enterprise

“When you’re doing something you love doing, it’s been fantastic even after all this time; but obviously seeing the kids’ reaction, that gives it a big lift. They’re singing along to the new songs and the old songs as well.”

As for the band’s future plans and the aforementioned “surprises” that lay in store, the axeman stayed pretty tight-lipped, adding: “The future, there’s still things to do so you just keep inventing new things all the time, try to create new things every day.”

Look, it’s not surprising. If cancer couldn’t stop Bruce Dickinson AKA “the Chuck Norris Of heavy metal” then old age has zero chance.

Maybe we’ll see Maiden back down under to headline Download festival when it finally materialises.

Devil horns crossed.

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