Justin Bieber Covers Metallica’s ‘Fade To Black’

Justin Bieber‘s never made any secret of being a Metallica fan – in 2012 he described their tracks One and Fade To Black as “his jams” – and now we’ve got some eye-witness confirmation of the metal roots of the Biebs, in the form of a video of the teen dream singing along to Fade To Black.

The 15 seconds of footage shows the 19-year-old popster humming the solo and providing some mean air guitar for the classic track, while his musical director, Dan Kanter, takes care of the acoustic guitar. The tween dream released the footage himself via his official Vevo channel, with comments smartly disabled on the video.

So far the world has not exploded, although there have been reported sightings of Metallica fans worldwide weeping softly. When James Hetfield and company close the circle and release their own cover of Baby, we’ll be the first to let you know.

(via Loudwire)

Watch: Justin Bieber – Fade To Black

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