Kanye West Deletes Entire Twitter Feed Bar One Mysterious Tweet

Kanye West’s latest Kanye West move has seen him delete 99.99% of his usually over-active Twitter feed. The remaining 0.01% (MATHS!) is one solitary tweet that reads “June Eighteen“. It’s not known whether this is the release date of a new album, single or the due date of Kimanye’s baby.

Whatever the case the process must have taken some poor intern a serious amount of hours. Say what you will about Yeeze, but the dude knows PR. In one tweet’s time he’s managed to put most of the blogosphere into a mild frenzy debating the nature of the message.

There is a good chance it’s related to his new album, which Peter Rosenberg, a presenter on American hip hop radio station Hot97, recently said was finished and reportedly sounded “dark but really good”.

Yeezy will be performing on Saturday Night Live on 18th May, exactly one month before the mysterious date. Maybe we’ll get some more information then.

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