Kanye West Visually Premiering New Single Across The Globe Tonight Including Sydney

Kanye West will be premiering his new single and video for New Slaves tonight via projections on not just one specific building, no, but 66 separate buildings across the globe. A tweet this morning on his now silent Twitter account announced the stunt and offered more details of the locations on his official website

The locations are mostly spread across North America and Europe, but lucky for us Aussies we do get a number of building projections on our side of the world as well. All will be located in Sydney around the CBD and metropolitan area. The times all vary, so you could perhaps spend a night travelling around the city to witness what Yeezy has on offer.

His forthcoming record is surely one of the most anticipated albums of 2013, and he’s going to great lengths it seems to hype it up. So far we’ve seen him clean out his entire Twitter history just to leave us with that mysterious tweet of “June Eighteen”, which could be a release date… maybe. He performed two tracks in New York recently, though one of them is more of a spoken word track where he indicates that he is over his status as celebrity and just wants to be left alone to make music, but with added Kanye bizarreness.

Check out the Sydney locations for his visual premiere tonight. For all the other global locations, you can check them out here.

Update 21:05

Watch footage from New York

Kanye “New Slaves” Visual Preview

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