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Keep Sydney Open Renews Calls Against Lockouts Following Mike Baird’s Huge Greyhound Backflip

Mike Baird‘s spectacular backflip today on his greyhound racing ban in the state has seen Keep Sydney Open call for the NSW Premier to reverse his stance on lockout laws.

Following the latest anti-lockout rally last weekend, Keep Sydney Open took the opportunity today to challenge the Premier to “listen to overwhelming and consistent community opposition to the lockout laws,” given that now he appears “willing to reverse policy because of community pressure.”

“Premier Baird has considered the plight of rural communities, now he needs to look after our inner-city, a major economic centre where millions of people work, visit and live,” said Keep Sydney Open in new Facebook post.

“Keep Sydney Open today calls on the state government to listen to community concerns, and remove the lockout laws immediately, and adopt Keep Sydney Open’s policies to create a safe and vibrant Sydney nightlife.

“Opposition to the lockouts have brought more citizens of New South Wales onto the streets than any other cause this year. If Mike Baird is making a commitment to listening to community feedback, then he has no choice but to abandon the lockout laws.”

Keep Sydney Open also recommends a series of recommended measures for the Premier to implement in the post, which you can read in full below.

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