Kevin Parker On Why Tame Impala Is “Basically A Covers Band”

Tame Impala aren’t a band anymore. Well, they were never technically a band in the first place according to the grand conductor himself, Kevin Parker, who has explained why Tame Impala is “basically a covers band” and not a traditional band during a recent interview.

Speaking with the NZ Herald, Parker has explained, “It’s largely a misconception that Tame Impala is a band,” of course adhering to the popular verdict of what a band is — a coercive unit of collaborators. And in their studio incarnation, Tame isn’t that.

“We play as a band on stage but it’s really not how it is at all on the album. The album is just me,” Parker said, going on to explain that Tame Impala actually has “two lives” — the studio one and the live one.

“One is the album, which is like a producer, and the other life is like a band. More of a live incarnation where we’re basically a covers band for the albums that I produce.”

We’re just gonna go ahead and not ask any further questions cos, hey — if it ain’t broke.

Laneway Festival 2017 very well might be Tame Impala’s last show for a while, before Parker gets back to working on new music.

Watch: Tame Impala – ‘The Less I Know The Better’

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