King Stingray
King Stingray | Image: Luke Henery

King Stingray Release Long-Awaited Debut Album

Yolŋu surf rockers King Stingray have unveiled their long-awaited debut album. The NT five-piece have been one of the most-talked about names in Australian music since the release of their debut single, ‘Hey Wanhaka’, in 2020.

King Stingray’s profile grew throughout 2021 thanks to singles such as ‘Get Me Out’ and ‘Milkumana’, with the latter scoring a nomination for Song Of The Year at the 2022 APRA Awards.

King Stingray – ‘Let’s Go’

Boasting impressive musical pedigree – vocalist Yirrŋa Yunupiŋu is the nephew of Yothu Yindi’s Dr M. Yunupiŋu and guitarist Roy Kellaway’s father is the founding Yothu Yindi member Stuart Kellaway – King Stingray have received widespread acclaim for their music and message.

Their music combines classic and contemporary rock influences with the ancient tradition of manikay (song/songlines), which dates back tens of thousands of years. The group’s self-titled debut was recorded and produced between the NT, Brisbane, and the Byron Bay hinterland.

After announcing their debut album back in June, the band and their team instigated a somewhat tongue-in-cheek campaign to get the album’s release day recognised as a public holiday. Dubbed “KingStingDay”, 5th August has been the focus of numerous memes and images shared by the group, including a note from the office of the band urging employers to allow workers to take the day off to listen to the record.

King Stingray is out now.

King Stingray – King Stingray

  1. Lupa
  2. Hey Wanhaka
  3. Get Me Out
  4. Let’s Go
  5. Raypirri
  6. Milkumana
  7. Sweet Arnhem Land
  8. Malk Mirri Wayin
  9. Camp Dog
  10. Life Goes On

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