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School Teacher Sings The ABCs To Korn’s ‘Coming Undone’

A school teacher has gone viral with his unconventional method for teaching students the ABCs – delivering it in the form of heavy metal.

Nick Harrison, who goes by mrprofessor318 on social media, filmed himself reciting the alphabet alongside Korn‘s See You on the Other Side favourite ‘Coming Undone’, roaring the ABCs with aggressive metal vocals and headbanging along the whole time. It’s certainly a bit more exciting than the traditional nursery rhyme version.

Harrison shared the video on TikTkok and YouTube earlier this month, racking up hundreds of thousands of views for his efforts. “My audition for School of Rock 2,” the teacher captioned the video on TikTok, where he currently has over 420,000 followers.

The video even caught the attention of Korn frontman Jonathan Davis himself, who shared Harrison’s performance on his Instagram Stories shortly after it was posted.

Harrison acknowledged Davis’ nod in a follow-up video, thanking his followers for their support. “When Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, posts your video to his Instagram Story… I can’t even talk, man!” the visibly stoked educator exclaims.

Harrison even appeared on a local radio station in Louisiana to talk about his viral fame. Watch below, and check out Harrison’s other videos here.


@mrprofessor318My audition for School of Rock 2

♬ Alphabet Undone by mrprofessor318 – Nick Harrison


@mrprofessor318Thank you @korn and Jonathan Davis for being FREAKIN’ AMAZING! And thank you to my followers, who will always ##BeGreat!

♬ Alphabet Undone by mrprofessor318 – Nick Harrison


@mrprofessor318Thanks to Sunny 98.3 out of Monroe, LA for having me on this morning! So much fun!

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