Lana Del Rey Interviewed Grimes About The Internet, “Outrage Culture”, Mysticism And More

In a new feature for Interview magazine, Lana Del Rey chats to Grimes about her forthcoming album Miss Anthropocene, among many, many other topics.

“We live in this weird time where we didn’t evolve to engage with this many people, and we didn’t evolve to be observed as much as we’re being observed, or to observe other people as much as we’re observing them,” comments Grimes about the rise of the internet and consequently, ~outrage culture.

“No one is considering the psychological impact of all this crazy technology. Especially since Trump was elected, this is the first time that the general public is fully on the internet. Grandma is on the internet.”

Elsewhere, Grimes reflects on religion and mysticism. When Rel Dey asks what mysticism means to her, she replies “Mysticism is an evolutionary byproduct. I think we’re inherently religious, even if we’re not explicitly religious. We get emotional about things that feel religious.

Even the way people feel about you, it’s a form of idol worship. I don’t know what else you would call it. If there’s an artist I love, I see them live and I cry, and I’m like, “Man, I’m acting like some 14th-century farmer right now.” I feel like some pilgrim seeing a holy relic or something.”

It’s a very, very wide-ranging interview and Grimes also speaks to Del Rey about being creative while in love, polytheism (“I love how the ancient Greeks or the ancient Egyptians lived in this weird anime world where there were just tons of gods”), long-form writing and about a million other things.

She was also interviewed by The OA star Brit Marling; their discussion topics included artificial intelligence, Jeffrey Epstein, capitalism and climate change.

Read both interviews here, and stream new song ‘My Name Is Dark’ below. Miss Anthropocene is scheduled for release Friday, 21st February 2020.

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