Lana Del Rey’s ‘Tropico’ Team Sued By Photographer Over Slashing

Karl Larsen, a famed photographer who shoots for Rolling Stone, is suing the production company behind Lana Del Rey‘s short film Tropico, alleging he was attacked by three of their employees, one of whom slashed his finger with a box cutter razor, while attempting to photograph Del Rey on-set.

As TMZ reports, Larsen is filing a suit saying he attempted to take pictures of Del Rey shooting Tropico on the Los Angeles River last June, when he was accosted by three men from Black Hand Cinema who ordered him to stop shooting. When Larsen refused, they began to get aggressive.

While Larsen protested that he was within his rights to shoot, one Black Hand Cinema employee allegedly threatened to smash his $14,000 camera, while another allegedly tried to tear it from his hands. Larsen says that when he refused to surrender his camera, one of the men slashed his finger with a box cutter razor, while another grabbed his camera and erased the memory card.

Larsen’s suit against the production company — which according to TMZ will be filed later this week — requests $1 million minimum in damages. Larsen alleges that the company has a history of intimidating photographers. Readers can check out what he was trying to snap pictures of below.

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