Laneway And Camp Cope Launch New Hotline To Report Harassment At This Year’s Festival

Inspired by Camp Cope‘s #ItTakesOne campaign targeting antisocial behaviour at gigs, the St Jerome’s Laneway crew are going above and beyond to make sure their 2017 festival is a safe space for all involved.

Teaming with the Melbourne punk trio and fellow Laneway 2017 acts Julia Jacklin and GL, festival organisers have devised a way to promote safe and respectful behaviour at their upcoming shows across the nation.

This year, anyone who experiences or witnesses disrespectful behaviour can report it via a brand new dedicated telephone hotline, 1800LANEWAY.

“Music is for everyone to enjoy and feel safe and respected while they’re enjoying it,” the Camp Cope girls say.

“Just be a good person,” adds Julia Jacklin.

Laneway organisers have released a new video featuring its artists as spokespeople to create awareness of the new campaign, which you can check out below.

The move comes after what seems to be a rise in sexual assaults — or at least reports of sexual assaults — happening at Aussie gigs and festivals over the past twelve months, with police investigating alleged crimes at last year’s Groovin The Moo in Bendigo, this year’s UNIFY Gathering and multiple incidents at the Marion Bay leg of Falls Festival.

In other Laneway news, promoters revealed today that they chose to remove rapper Young Thug from the lineup due to unreliability issues, contradicting initial reports that he’d made the decision to pull out of the festival himself.

Laneway Festival joins Camp Cope for #ItTakesOne

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